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How I started my Own Successful Smart Light People Channel

18 Nov, 2020
Many people have found their lives turned upside-down, including students due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  I know right now a lot of students are finding themselves in challenging situations. Many are stuck at home, can’t find a job.  However, even if the path ahead is not clear right now, it’s important to remember there is always something you can do to move yourself forward even from home, especially since we are living in a digital world.
There are many ways for students to go about this, to avoid being idle;
  • Do remote research or coursework on sites like Academy world Factory and get to interact with people from all over the continents.
  • Start a blog on a topic you’re passionate about — so you become an expert yourself, instead of waiting for someone to offer you a chance to become an expert.
  • Start a video channel on  on something you find interesting or enjoyable.
  • Contribute freelance articles in sites like and
I decided to start a channel on I’ve always been fascinated by fashion and design.  The idea to start a Smart Light People Channel is where I would explore all the latest fashion and design and since I had a few fashionable clothes I stated with them. I would make videos describing my style and deign and post it on my Smart Light People channel. Starting was not so good because I did not have any experience, I started with only a few subscribers, but the more I worked at it, the better I got at making my videos. I saved up money from various little jobs and birthday presents and bought myself more fashionable things and various designs. I started to get more and more interested in the production aspect of making these videos, and would challenge myself to make each new video better looking and more engaging than the last.  I watched hours of tutorials on smart light people and other successful channels too. Not only did this allow me to improve my videos, but it also let me build up valuable expertise and experience in the process.

I was able to improve my production skills, I also improved my SEO (search engine optimization) abilities. I learned that the vast majority of the people watching my videos were youths between 15 and 34 years old, so I started finding products and video ideas that would better suit their interests.  As I did this, I noticed my organic traffic from Smart Light people’s recommendations began to grow.  I continued to refine and optimize my videos to garner as much organic traffic as possible. I finally knew I was on to something after my video hit 100,000 views. 
My Smartlightpeople channel has acted as a form of passive income which has given me the flexibility to focus on my studies and other hobbies like music, without having to worry so much about acquiring work to fund the channel.  After years of building up Smartlightpeople revenue, sponsorships, my channel now pulls in about $10,000 per year that I use to cover the cost of the products I review in the videos as well as reinvest on making my channel better every day.
I recommend you to go to today and start your own channel too.

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