A Complete Guide to GlowAdult

This Guide we discuss GlowAdult :

1)Getting Started on GlowAdult
2)Setup your GlowAdult account
3)Add a bank account to receive Payouts
4)Verifying your GlowAdult Page for Payout
5)Set a monthly subscription price.
6)Making money on GlowAdult
7)Some tips to help you
Tips on Promoting your account
8)Frequently Asked Questions
9)OTHER WAYS GlowAdult creators Make money.

1)Getting Started
GlowAdult is a premium social media site, every creator profile has the following tabs:

Posts – All your content can be seen here, photos, videos, audio, stories, live videos, updates and more.
Videos – Your video content is shown here
Photos – Your photos are displayed here
Audio – Your voice recordings are kept here
Likes – Subscribers can also see your liked
Number of Subscribers – Your number of subscribers are shown here, subscribers are not visible to the public.
Attach media--Post a photo, multiple photos and videos to your feed.
Record your voice--Record your voice and upload it as an audio track

2)Set up your GlowAdult account
When setting up your GlowAdult account you should think about the type of content you want to post, a name for your account,  how often you will post and the monthly subscription price you will place on your account.
The GlowAdult page you create can be for a variety of content including:
Travel vlogging
Coaching for fitness
DIY Tutorials
Adult Content
Recipes & Cooking Tips

3)Add a bank account to earn money
Note: Adding your bank account to your GlowAdult account is Simple. Your account must be verified and your

1. Go to Edit my Page
2. Click on Payout Method.
3. Add your bank account
To submit your personal details you can scroll back up and click on “add a bank account” under the “Payout Method” section.

4)Verifying your GlowAdult Page for Payout.

1)Upload a government issued photo ID. Under “Document Type” click and choose the ID you want to upload, you can upload the following ID types:
ID Card
Driving Licence

2)You must also upload a photo of the ID itself and a photo of you holding the ID next to your face.

5)Set a monthly Subscription Price
Your Account must be verified before you can set up your subscription prices.
When Signing up you can set up your monthly subscription price. This is the price you will charge subscribers to access all your content. Your Subscribers will pay you this to view all your contents. It starts from $4-$45 a month.
We recommend starting off with a price range between $7 – $19. As time goes on you can then adjust your prices depending on how your account progresses.
You are more likely to have more subscribers if your subscription price is lower.
Example , if you charge $7 a month and have 1,000 subscribers, you’ll make $5,600 a month after GlowAdult takes their 20% fee.

6)Making money on GlowAdult
Congratulations on setting up your GlowAdult account start posting content to your feed. Whenever a user sees your profile, they can see the number of photos, videos, audio, likes and Subscribers you have. The can also see the description of your locked content, so the description you give to your pictures, videos, audios etc are very important.
Your subscribers are paying access to your content. Start adding content. Make sure you have a reasonable amount of content available. That would show users that you post regularly and more likely to result in them subscribing.

7)Some tips to help you
Types of file format : JPG | GIF | PNG | MP3 | MP4 VIDEO | MOV (QuickTime)

8)Tips on Promoting your account
Be consistent
Show your followers that you are active, If you go a long time without posting content or interacting with your fans they are more likely to cancel their subscription.
Be patient

Treat your GlowAdult account like a business. It could take some time to get things going.
Social media
You can use your Social media to promote your account. To gain more subscribers to your GlowAdult account.
Add your GlowAdult link to your bio on all of your social network accounts and always use visual media like photos, gifs and videos to promote your links.
Promote your GlowAdult account on your Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube accounts. If your GlowAdult feed contains nudity or adult content, don’t post any nudity directly on those sites apart from Snapchat and Twitter Which have a more relaxed policy.
For example, with a 2% conversion rate, 1,000,000 impressions should 20,000 visitors at least 400 should convert to subscribers.
If your subscription price is $7 then you get $2800 in monthly revenue (400 x $7). Take away GlowAdult 20% fee and that leaves you with $2240 in monthly profit.

If you have a YouTube you can promote your GlowAdult account directly to your YouTube subscribers. Add your GlowAdult link to your description and tell your viewers to subscribe if they want to view your exclusive content.

Use Reddit to promote your GlowAdult page
Reddit is a great place to promote your GlowAdult account and get new subscribers. Create an account and look for subreddits related to the type of content that you post.
Before promoting yourself on a reddit make sure you read the reddits rules, some reddits

9)Frequently Asked Questions
Why are my Pictures are not Uploading?
If you have not written a description of the picture, video or audio you are uploading it will not upload onto your page. You must 'write something'.
All posts must have a description.

How long is the payout process?
It depends on your bank and the type of account you have. (5 days - 14 days) for international payments can take up to 19 days.

OTHER WAYS GlowAdult creators Make money.
Your monthly subscription fee is not the only way you can make money on GlowAdult you can make money through selling products to your subscribers. We’ll look at these methods in detail below.

You can set up your own store in the marketplace, and sell items to your subscribers. You can find the marketplace in footer on the Homepage of GlowAdult.
Add your Marketplace link to your GlowAdult feed and encourage your viewers to Visit your store